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Voyage Funktastique

Émission du 29 novembre 2020

Max I Million - The Funk DOC Mastermind - Untitled Trak SaiR - Weather Talk BusCrates - Take A Ride (feat. JP Patterson) Mofak - She Gonna Have Tt Feat Slim Dinamiite, Keyla Conley) Toby Glider - Shikoku Lady BusCrates - Five Days (feat. DJ Epik) Jack Uzi Luva - Cool Down Amadeo 85 feat Moniquea - Galaxy Dance Dj Frane - Straight ToThe Head Delmar Xavier VII - Time Out (feat. XL Middleton) Mofak - Freak U Better Saucy Lady - Shooting Star Leopard Da Vinci feat. Jean Bosello - Garde Fou (Dj Friction Remix Instrumental) Donna McGhee - You Should Have Told Me (Disco Mix) Shades Of Love - Do Your Own Dance Mac Thornhill - Make Life Worth Living   Olof's Guest Mix (All Swedish Boogie/Funk)   Mr. Bradish - I Wonder What The Hell I'm Gonna Do (7" Version) Plaza - In Love Jimmy Shearer - 47° Carola - Spread Your Wings (For Your Love) (Extended Dance Version) Creation - I'm Going Up (Remixed Version) Miller's Crew - Miller's Is Magic Nattsudd - Natt-Rapp Sing-Back Stockholms Läns SSU-Distrikt - Heavy Bears Esquille - Just 4 U (Instrumental) Per Cussion All Stars ft. Grandmaster Funk - Funk Off Liv - Över En Natt Per Cussion - Manhattan Jungle (Remix) Per Cussion All Stars - Get Up For The Downstroke Anders Bagge - Daylight Dance

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Voyage Funktastique 24 août
Émission du 16 juillet 2023
120 min
Voyage Funktastique 24 août
Émission du 25 Juin 2023
120 min
Voyage Funktastique 30 avril
Buscrates - Buckin' feat. Dj Epik
Jacuzzi Luva - Shower
John Parm - Morning Bus
Sven Atterton - Blunderful
Restone & MIA - Sucka 2023
Frankfurt Funk & Voyear - En Transit (Instrumental)
Sven Atterton - Just Fun
Wado Brown - Turning Round (Instrumental)
Dogg Master - Trust
Saucy Lady & Slink - High Class
First Touch - Changes
In Da Kar - XL Middleton Remix
Dogg Master - Escape
Kazzey - Mars feat. Mofak
120 min
Voyage Funktastique 26 mars
Émission du 26 mars 2023
Blackway & Helene - Music For Us
Preface - Palace Hôtel
Veira Krew - Sexy Lady
Jaqui & The Rumor - Please Bon’t Break-A-My Heart
David Clayton Thomas - Hot City Nights
The Gents - For You My Baby Love
The Givens Family. - I’m Still Waiting
Sesil & Loujon - Be Yourself
Private Joy - Coolin’ Out
Jo Jo Morocco - Rockin’ Moroccan
Bones Jones. - The Circle
Liquid Heat. - Robot Parade
Tavell - Late For Dancing
Rodney Jerome Keitt - West Oak Lane
60 min
Voyage Funktastique 27 novembre
Émission du 27 novembre 2022
Buscrates - Internal Dialogue
Manuel Darquart - Shoreline
Duktus - Can You Feel It ft. Host Junior
Zopelar - Shibuya
Format-440 - When You’ve Got It
Zopelar - Chain NET ft. OSAGIE
Fragrance - When The Night Is Right
Moniquea & Kazzey - Never Live Enough
JKriv ft. Saucy Lady - Dub Something Everyday
Kiki Kyte - Get It Started (Dub Extended)
Fragrance - Always
Diamond Ortiz - 222 Player Game
First Timers - Three Day Weekend
Shiro Schwarz - Be Kind (XL Middleton Remix)
Lineas - How Much Do You Want
Fearcity - Midnight Rendez-Vous
60 min