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Émission du 27 novembre 2022

Buscrates - Internal Dialogue
Manuel Darquart - Shoreline
Duktus - Can You Feel It ft. Host Junior
Zopelar - Shibuya
Format-440 - When You’ve Got It
Zopelar - Chain NET ft. OSAGIE
Fragrance - When The Night Is Right
Moniquea & Kazzey - Never Live Enough
JKriv ft. Saucy Lady - Dub Something Everyday
Kiki Kyte - Get It Started (Dub Extended)
Fragrance - Always
Diamond Ortiz - 222 Player Game
First Timers - Three Day Weekend
Shiro Schwarz - Be Kind (XL Middleton Remix)
Lineas - How Much Do You Want
Fearcity - Midnight Rendez-Vous

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