Groove Night

Émission du 6 février 2022

SÉLECTION DJ FIVE Winfield Parker - I Wanna Be With You Rockie Robbins - Time To Think D. J. Rogers - Will You Remember Me The Magic Twins - It's Bright Kerbside Collection - Glaze Lance Ferguson - Summer Madness Jessica Duncan - Do You Wanna Get Close?  Jackie Stoudemire - Invisible Wind James Greenwood - Real Hot  Unity & The Downbeats - Love Dream Sam Redmore - Party (feat. Lumi HD) BYAMM - Shine SÉLECTION AZ GROOVE RICHARD GROOVE HOLMES - on the street where you liveJIMMY MC GRIFF - It's you I adoreJIMMY SMITH - no problemJIMMY MC GRIFF - secret loveCHARLES EARLAND - mom and dadJOSE ROBERTO BERTRANI - bye bye brazilTHE PERFECT CIRCLE - the hands of timeTHE WHOLE DARN FAMILY - seven minute of funkPUSH - awesome measure

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