Groove Night

Émission du 3 avril 2022

SÉLECTION AZ GROOVE BOTH WORLD - DON'T CHA HIDE ITBRASSTARCKS - BASKET CASEBILL CORTIAL - TAKE THE TIMEPETE ESCOVEDO - AFRICASIR EDWARD - ROCKY MOUNT WILLIECOOL MILLION - KEEP ONSOULIVE - DIGTURBULANCE - RUNNINGRAMP - TRY TRY TRYDELE SOSIMI - YOU NO FIT TOUCH AMROY AYERS - VIRGO REDMALKA FAMILY - BLUE FUNK SÉLECTION DJ FIVE Brian Auger - Inner City Blues The Impressions - Preacher Man Sergio Mendes - If I Ever Lose This Heaven  Breakwater - You Know I Love You Ethel Beaty - It's Your Love Dee Edwards - [I Can] Deal with That Chuck Strong - Doin' It Cause It Feels Good  Marc Laroi Cummings - Lots of Love The Boppers - I Believe In You Freda Payne - Tell Me Please Dee Dee bridgewater - It's the Falling in Love Executive Jam - I'm Into Your Love Slickaphonic - Pick Up The Pieces Kappekoff, Reggie Got Beats & Andre Espeut - Sugar Blair - Nightlife

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