Concours 60 Secondes Radio


It is with great pride that launches the 2016 edition of its 60 Second Radio World Contest. Last year’s competition received a very positive feedback from world radio producers as nearly 120 radio spots from more than 15 countries were produced around the theme of Freedom. This year, you will be asked to create a capsule keeping in mind A Quiet Morning.

A quiet morning ... Is there something more soothing, and engaging? With this theme, we hope to break-in to your world, weather real or imaginary or maybe, be witness to a sketch of what will one day become reality. We will be waiting for your works.

This contest first publics are producers and artists of campus, community and associative radios from Quebec, Canada and around the world, but also, independent artists, sound artists and musicians. This new edition of 60 Second Radio 2016 World Contest, is an invitation for radio creation and the development of partnerships between our radio,, and those of the Americas and Europe in particular. As for last year, this competition will reach thousands of people through a variety of distribution channels and mediums (websites, broadcasting, distribution).

All this would not be possible without the support of our partners and leading sponsors, those who are loyal to us since the early days and, new in addition. They are: the International Relations Service of the Québec University in Montreal (UQÀM), the School of Media (École des médias) at the Quebec University in Montreal, and our new friends from the National Association of Campus and Community Radios of Canada (NRCA-NCRA). Thank you for believing in us, but also in radio and radio producers and artists from Canada and around the world.

So, this is it! You have 60 Seconds! Get to your microphones, sources, save it and submit! No participation limit! The deadline is Sunday, April 10, 2016, 23:59 GMT-05.

Good luck!

Gauvain Le Guennec, Director, radio